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Welcome to the Vauxhall Apprenticeship Programme

Welcome to the Vauxhall Apprenticeship Programme!

How to Apply
If you wish to apply to join the Vauxhall Apprenticeship Programme, please call us on 0115 9457290 or email

Our website has been designed with learners, employers and parents in mind and we hope that you find the information contained within the various pages both useful and informative.


As a young person thinking about a career we know this can be a challenging time for you. Therefore we have developed a website in consultation with our current apprentices to provide you the information we feel you need to make an informed decision and make the right career choice.

We feel that with our website we have got it just about right, but if we have missed anything, then we would love to hear from you. To contact us, simply select the ‘Contact Us’ link on the homepage and follow the instructions.

If you have decided to apply to us and submitted your application, we will try to match you with local employers in your area should a vacancy become available. The programme will support you through every step of the selection process and arrange for you to meet your potential employer.

If successful and you gain an apprenticeship with us, we will then organise your training at one of training centres and introduce you to your Apprentice Development Coach who will be your continued support throughout the programme duration.

For employers, our aim is to provide you with important information on our combined responsibilities as an employer and training provider. Here you will find information on the minimum wage, programme charges, training costs and guidance on mentoring and supporting your apprentice.